Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bubba, gone but never to be forgotten.

I don't know about you but this is an expression I hear people say all the time, they say I just can't believe it has been that long when some thing or the other happens. Well I sometimes can't believe that on March 9, 2010 Bubba will have been gone 12 years. But sadly she has.

I know that you have all heard people say about a person nobody loves life more than she does, nobody loves her family more than she does, nobody loves her friends more than she does. well all of these applied to Bubba. She really did love life.

I don't think any one who ever came in contact with Bubba would ever forget her, but I just like to keep her memory alive. I have almost no immediate family left,my daughter Martha, and a couple of cousins and I think often about the people I have lost, my parents, my aunts and uncles, my cousins etc. Although God blessed me by bringing Joan into my life and I am at a very happy stage in my life there has never been a day in the last 12 years that I don't think of Bubba, not a day.

As I said nobody ever loved family more than Bubba, she was never happier than when she heard that she had a new niece or nephew and she loved each and every one of them. My hope and prayer is that the neices and nephews that she loved so much will pass on their memories of her on to the ones who have been born since she passed away and also the ones that were to young to remember much about her when she passed away.

I did a booklet of her life for Martha on the 10 TH aniversary of her death and she still takes it out all the time and looks at the pictures and the stories of Bubba's life, when she sheds tears now they are mostly tears of happiness.

Bubba's dear friend Carol Bumbulsky put in in prospective when she said instead of feeling sorry about her loss she always looks at instead of feeling sorry for losing her she dwells on being so lucky she knew her as long as she did.

God Bless You One And All.

Keep my memories with you, for memories never die.

Keep my memories with you, for memories never die. I will be there with you, when you look across the sky. I will be there in the clouds, in the birds that fill the air, in the beauty of a fragrant rose, you will find my memorey there-. You will feel me in the tenderness of a tiny baby's touch, you will hear me if you listen in the the twilight's gentle hush. When your heart is heavy and you feel you are alone, just reach down deep inside you for your heart is now my home. I will always be with you, I will never go away, for I will live in your heart forever and a day.

In loving memory of Bubba, June 16, 1942-March 9, 1988

At my 50 TH birthday party, 1990

The life of any party. LOL

Nobody ever loved life more than Bubba

A limo ride on the way to our 25 TH wedding anniversary

Barbara and Bubba, two of the bravest women I have ever known, with all their health problems still put every one else before themselves, so missed

A dream fulfilled, about a year before she passed away she got to drive a tractor trailer, think she was happy?

A birthday celebration at the bowling lanes, notice where the eyes are focused LOL

Our wedding day, February 1, 1959

From 1990 with family, the day after my 50 TH birthday