Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 24 Latest Update On My Surgery And Rehab

Unless there is any setbacks " Please pray there won't be " I am scheduled to go home Saturday, August30.Joan is coming in today for some instructions on things she may have to help me with when I come home.
    This week coming up they are going to be working me hard on any thing I may still be having a problem with. They want me to be as self sufficient as I can be when I do get home.
     I told Joan I want her to get me one of those little bells that I can ring when I need her. She has already  told me what I can do with a bell.LOL
     I have always said that God looks out for West Virginia Hillbillies and Fools and since I am both he has a full time job guiding me. LOL
     I wanted to go to a rehab center closer to the house but was guided to The Cornell Rehab Center. The things they do for you is unbelievable. Something I struggled with like two days ago I am acing them now. They have pretty much thought of every thing.
     The help from you my great family and friends has helped also. The phone calls, the cards, the visits, the prayers, are therapy in themselves.
      So I hope my next update will be from the comforts of my own home.
God Bless You All.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Update On My Surgery And Rehab

Dear Family & Friends,
     I really appreciate your concern about my surgery and rehab. Several questions every day like how are you doing, when are you going home, etc.
     I wanted to find out more information myself before I tried to answer those questions.

So yesterday did a follow up appointment with my surgeon. They removed the staples, which is a good sign of progress,

On  Monday July 21, I went to JFK hospital in Atlantis, Florida for pre-op to surgery.
Monday morning July 28, back to JFK for the surgery. When the surgeon got into my back it was worse than he had expected so the surgery lasted two and a half hours. Spent the rest of the week at JFK, quite a bit of pain and discomfort.

Came to the rehab center on Sunday August 3 and started rehab on Monday August 4. The first week of rehab was pretty painful. The rehab place is Cornell Rehab. Great place with wonderful physical therapists. Weekend was still some rehab but not to much.

They told me the second week was going to be more intense and they weren't lying. LOL But now I find I can tell the difference day by day, getting stronger, and most of the things they have me do is getting easier. So today Saturday August 16 and tomorrow Sunday only an hour each day, but they said Monday they will start being more intense each day.

They have a tentative day to come home as August 27 but depending how it goes this week it could be before than and than again it could be longer, so keep those prayers going.   

Thank God Martha and Jimmy bought me  a new laptop, first laptop I've ever had and I love it, because when I am not doing rehab or sleeping the rest of the time is very BORING LOL

Carter & Griffin have visited me a few times and you know that makes my day. They will be starting back to school on Monday, they have had a very fun filled summer.

Again I can't thank you enough for the cards, the phone calls, and just your concern.