Monday, December 26, 2011

Ring out the old, ring in the new, Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

People are funny creatures. We can be greedy and impatient one day and kind and considerate the next. And always we are unendingly complicated.

Take being thankful for example. We have Thanksgiving, a day set aside to show our gratitude and we also have New Years Eve to show our thanks for the past year.

That's good that we have those special times to express our thanks, but what about tomorrow or the next day or even the next few minutes are we thankful then too?

Let me share a few ways I'm thankful and I hope you are thankful for some of the same reasons.

I'm for sure not a preacher but I like to think I am a Christian, all be it one with a lot of warts. And I have not always been a true believer. I was one that was always questing God and asking him WHY certain things happen. But after Bubba passed away and we lost Janet in that terrible automobile accident I realized I was never going to find out the WHY's, at least in this life. I finally realized that I had to believe the fact that there is a better place that the people we love and care so much for go to after they leave this earth. It was not an easy thing for me to do but since I have come to believe that I am much more at peace with myself. After coming to that conclusion I have been able to move on a lot better with my life.

Like every one else I have hard times and good times and great times and horrible times. But the last few years as I look back at my life I realize just how much the good times have far, far, out numbered the bad times. When I lost Bubba and was floundering around I was led to Joan, one Angel had been replaced by another Angel. After Martha had her terrible stroke and it is hard for us to communicate at times first Carter and now Griffin entered my life and those two little guys have been more of a blessing than I could ever imagine. So I realize that every prayer I say is not answered but I have had so many great things happen that I didn't pray for it is my saving grace.

If you are having trouble finding your blessings ask your self a few of these questions.

Do you have people that love you?

Are you part of a family?

Do you as I do have beautiful grand children that adore you, make you feel younger, keep you laughing and just make your day when they say I Love You Papa?

Are you part of a family that loves you?

Do you have friends that you can be with, tell the same old stories from the past and laugh at them as if you have heard them for the first time?

If you can answer yes to a few of these questions I hope they will make you realize that you are blessed. If we hang on to the tragedies of the past or fret too much about things that may or not happen in the future then you will forget the joys of today.

One regret I do have is that it took me so long to realize how many blessings I have had. I did hold on to things from the past too long, and until I learned the Serenity Prayer I for sure worried about too many things I cannot change.

I am also thankful for all of you that are reading this BLOG. If you are reading this it means you are a family member, a friend, an E-Mail friend, people that I love and enjoy so much.

Joan and I want to wish each and every one of you a:

Very Happy And Healthy 2012.

Will close this out with this poem I came across and thought it was very good.

Remember the laughter,

the joy,

the hard work,

and the tears.

And as you reflect on the past year,

also think of the new one to come.

Because most importantly,

this is a time of new beginnings

and the celebration of life."

We will open the book.

Its pages are blank.

We are going to put words on them ourselves.

The book is called Opportunity


its first chapter is New Year's Day.

Fill your life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,

Bring to you Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,

And it's my New Year wish for you..

Wishing you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

2012 is at the door


Life is short, break the rules,

Forgive quickly,

love truly,

laugh uncontrollably,


never regret anything that made you smile.

Like birds, let us,

leave behind what we don'tneed to carry,


Life is beautiful, Enjoy it.


Before the sun sets in this year,

before the memories fade,

before the net works get jammed

Wish you and your family Happy Sparkling New Year 2012

My wishes for you in year 2012

Great start for Jan,

Love for Feb,

Peace for march,

No worries for April

Fun for May,

Joy for June to Nov,

Happiness for Dec,

Have a lucky and wonderful 2012.

God bless you and keep you safe not only today but throughout life that is coming in your way. May year to follow be among the best you have ever spent.

New Years Wishes From Joan and Joe

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beautiful memories from Christmas's past

One time many years ago after Joan and I had been together awhile she said to me one day, Joe I have noticed that you live a lot in the past. My reply was that I didn't think I live in the past but yes I do a lot of reminiscing.

And you know what I still do. When you make it to the ripe old age of seventy one you sure have a lot of memories. Like every one else my life has had a lot of ups and downs, but lucky for me when I look back the ups have far out numbered the downs. So when I look back when I start thinking of some of the downs I have trained my mind to immediately to switch to the good times and the good things in my past.

I reminisce all year round but come November and December, Thanksgiving and Christmas I really do think back about the good things.

As a kid growing up in West Virginia we didn't have a lot of fancy things. We didn't own our first car until I was six or seven years old. I never felt like we were poor because when I think of people that are poor I think of those that don't have enough to eat, can't pay there bills, etc. That was not the case with me. My Uncle had an orchard, always had a garden, raised hogs and chickens and my Aunt was always canning foods. Lucky for us they shared a lot with us.

My Dad always said there was nothing wrong with wearing patches on my pants as long as they were clean. When I buy a pair of sneakers now days and see how much they cost I think about how I had three pairs of shoes, regular shoes, a pair of dress shoes, and a pair of sneakers, and the only time I got new ones was when I out grew the old ones.

I would get about three things for Christmas as far as fun things go and to this day I can remember my first train set, my first bicycle. By not getting overwhelmed with gifts you could remember what you did get. To this day I still believe the more things children get the less they appreciate them.

So yes, I do think back about the first Christmas in the first home I bought, the first Christmas after Martha was born and then later on as she got older seeing her come down the stairs all excited when she seen the nice things waiting for her.

Thanksgiving and Christmas was also the time to spend it with Family and Friends. Just so many wonderful memories. One year Bubba and I flew up to Maryland on Christmas Day unannounced, I still remember the fun we had when we knocked on the doors of family and friends and the look on their faces, again great memories.

I am one of the luckiest guys ever in the fact that I had an Angel for my first wife my dearly departed Bubba, and after she passed away being lucky enough to have another one, my wife Joan, another Angel.

Bubba then and Joan now both love this special time of the year and go all out to make sure our family and friends know it , the extra special effort they put into it to makes every thing so nice.

Last year Joan spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day in the hospital. She did not let it keep her from enjoying the special time of year. She said how can I feel sorry for myself when Christmas Eve 2002 my beautiful daughter Janet was killed in that tragic automobile accident. Janet loved Christmas so much also. Joan always seems to be able to put life in it's proper prospective.

So I will keep on reminiscing and hope I am around a lot longer so I can have many more special moments to reminisce about.

Actually a few years ago I had gotten a little cynical about Christmas, I would see children that didn't need any thing get every thing, and children that needed just about every thing get nothing and it would bother me. But since Carter came along and now Griffin I see the world through the eyes of two innocent little guys that don't know about all the problems around us and only see the fun and excitement of it all.

It also helps me when I stop and think about the REAL REASON FOR THE SEASON. Dear Family and Friends have a Wonderful Christmas and lets all pray that 2012 will be a happy and healthy year for us all.

The pictures are from one of the Christmas's at my log home and the years spent there are also happy memories for me. The last two pictures are from the family room upstairs and the rest from the great room down stairs.

Different views of The Log Home decorated for Christmas

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. Great reason to look back ot the things to be thankful for. Here are some of my favorite reasons.

1. Family:

Where or who would we be without them? They are our foundations, our roots. They love us at our best and even more important at our worst. Family is the crutch of humanity.

My daughter Martha, her Husband Jimmy, her Daughter Jessica, and her Mother-in-Law Anita. May of this year was seven years since Martha had her stroke. She copes with her situation daily and I know she gets very frustrated at times, especially not being able to talk. I think about it all the time and can't even imagine what it must be like to have all the things you want to say to people and not be able to. One thing she can say clearly is I Love You and she always lets her old Dad hear those words all the time.

Jimmy, Jessica, and Anita are always there for her. Most of the time she is happy and smiling but when she is not happy they are the ones because they love her so much are patient with her and take great care of her. She does truly love them all and when she gets mad at them it doesn't last long.

My Wife Joan. November 10 TH we celebrated being married ten years. Martha's stroke and Janet's tragic death on Christmas Eve, 2002 have been huge obstacles to over come and I am so thankful to God that we had each other to help each other through those trying times. Of course there has been some other bumps in the road as there is in every ones lives. But over all it has been an incredible 10 years. I was going to do my BLOG about our ten years together but soon realized if I tried to do that it would be the longest BLOG ever. LOL I am going to do a booklet of our time together for her Grandsons to read later on down the road. I have only put together my notes for the first 4 years so far and am having such fun doing it. I want to cover the first ten years of our marriage and I hope to add a lot more years to it later.

Barb and Brett, Christopher, Carter, & Griffin, so many great times and memories I am going to write about also.


Friends are the family we get to choose for ourselves. Just like our families they love us even with our imperfections. They see the best in us when we don't. They show up when we need them even though they don't have to. They celebrate our accomplishments with us. They make us laugh when we are sad. They some times even make us cry, but most of the time they are tears of joy. They're just there, and most of the time, that's all we need them to do.

I tell people all the time although I am an only child I have more brothers and sisters than any one I know. Thank God for all of them.


I can't imagine a world with out Grand Children. They are a constant reminder of what is most beautiful about the world. There have been times when I was having a bad day, but a smile, a laugh, a hug, or I love you Papa, makes me forget what ever may have been bothering me. Grandchildren see the world without distorted lenses, they are so innocent. We should always make time to spend with children. I have found that I need them as much or more than they need me.


One of my favorite quotes is " No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted ". Being kind is one of the purest donations a person can make. You never know when an act of kindness can make such a difference in a persons life.


Now before you say how can mistakes be some thing to be thankful for, consider this, they are necessary to bring us to a point in life where we want to be. There are not many ways in life that have the ability to change us the way a mistake does. If you learn from your mistakes it can be a positive thing.


Good health is one of those things we take for granted until we don't have it any more. If you have the ability to walk, talk, sing, and laugh, just remember the people who want to but can't.


Today is never guaranteed to us, so if we get it we should be happy about it. Think of all the people young and old that you have loved that didn't make it until to day. Those of us that did make it to today should think how lucky we are and treat it as such.

As I have reached the age of 71 and have been doing a review of my life I realize just how lucky I have been. Of course there were many times when I didn't think that way, but this is where hindsight is a good thing. I just keep thinking of reasons I should be thankful but I will end this with this thought.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the special and wonderful people who have entered our lives and make each day more beautiful and meaningful. I hope you have many reasons to be thankful not just on Thanksgiving but every day.

My Thanksgiving prayer for you " The God of love and peace be with you " 2 Corinthians 13:11. God Bless you on Thanksgiving and always.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away

Those of you that read my BLOG know I get a lot of ideas for my BLOG from songs. For many years I was a die hard Country Music lover. Then it started taking a trend that I really don't like as well so I started either listening to my old country CD's or even other styles of music. We have a pretty new radio station locally that plays a lot of easy listening music and I guess as I am mellowing out at my ripe old age I find myself listening to it most of the time.

Now when I do listen to country radio I find I don't even recognize the names of the new country singers. But the other day I heard a singer named Justin Moore sing a song called " If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away " and I really liked it and it got my mind going. LOL

What he says is that If Heaven Wasn't So Far away he would like to pack up and go there for a day.

I know we all want to go to Heaven but we just don't want to go yet. LOL But to go for a day or two wouldn't that be nice?

I would tell my Dad that I thought he was hard on me when I was a kid but the only job he ever had before he became disabled was the military. He was tough on me but I would tell him Thank You Dad because in hind sight he planted an ethic in me that has served me well.

He passed away when I was 12 years old so I would tell my Mom I could never thank you enough for all your help you gave me, how hard you had to struggle to raise me until I got through High School and was able to go out on my own.

I would thank Bubba for being such a great Wife, great Mother, the absolute best Daughter-in Law ever as when my Mom developed Alziemer's she was the one that took such great care of her even when she wasn't in the best of health herself. I would tell how much she is still loved by every one that knew her and how much she is missed. I would thank her that when she was looking down and seeing I was not doing well she talked to God and told him he needed to do some thing for me he led me to Joan.

I would try to get around and give big hugs to all the family and friends there. People I think of all the time, my beautiful step daughter Janet. Frank Strawderman, we became brother-in-laws because we married sisters, we became life long friends because we loved each other and had so much fun over the years, same with Jimmy Sherman, my beloved sister-in-law Barbara Creamer, her beautiful daughter Nancy who left us much to soon. I wish I could list them all but as an only child I had and still have so many brothers and sisters, it is remarkable when I think about it.

As Justin sings about in the song I would sit on a cloud and visit for awhile, It would do me good just to see them smile and to hear them laugh again. Tell them I hope to come back to see them some time and tell them that losing them wouldn't be so hard to take If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away, so far away, so far away.

The good thing about country music be it the old or the new most of the time it is songs about life.

Then I would say to them I love you and I miss you and hold a spot for me there just not right now, LOL

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Story About My Grand Dog Spunky.

Two or three weeks ago I sent all of you an E-Mail about a beautiful story that appeared in our local paper The Palm Beach Post on August 19.

It was written by Scott Eyman about his beloved German Shepard, Cooper. Scott is an author and he also writes for the Post.

Cooper was more than just a dog to Scott, he was also like his best friend. He told lots of stories about the thirteen years he had with Cooper. The relationship between Scott and Cooper made for a beautiful story.

I hope most of you got the chance to read it. He told how after thirteen years Cooper's health started to deteriorate. Scott mentioned it to a friend of his and said he didn't know what to do about it. His friend told him Cooper will tell you when it is time. Shortly after that sure enough Copper did let him know in his own way it was time. He wrote it was the hardest thing he ever had to do when it came time to put him down.

A week later on August 26 he wrote a follow up story and included lots and lots of letters he had received from people with similar stories. They were all very touching and heart warming stories and were a big help to Scott to help him with his grief.

I was going to do a BLOG about a similar love affair I had with a Dog named Spunky. Then Irene came along and most of my family and friends from the north east had a lot going for them with all the ramifications from Irene and I figured I would hold off as a lot of them were without electricity, cleaning up from flooding, downed trees, etc.

Hopefully most of my family and friends are starting to get back to some sort of normalcy so I am going to try to put my story in writing.

All most all my life I have had dogs in my life. Actually when I was born my Mom and Dad already had a dog named Pat. When I moved from Maryland to Florida in 1973 I brought two dogs down with me. They both had to eventually be put down and I decided maybe I didn't want to go through that again so I didn't get another dog.

After Martha and Jimmy had been married awhile and had no children they got a Cocker Spaniel, a beautiful black and white one and named her Spunky.

Every one who has children, grand children, or dogs think their's are the smartest, cutest, ones ever. Well in Spunky's case she was. LOL She became Bubba's and mines Grand Dog. She would come to work with Martha every day and hang out in our office or show room at our Shell Station.

Later on we got a office and ware house separate from the station and she would come there every day.

I would take her on my errands every day, at the drive in window at the bank they would give the dogs treats. When I would say I was going to the bank she would wake up from a sound sleep and be waiting at the door ready to go. One day they were out of treats and she mopped all the way back to the office. We would keep treats in our glove departments for her in case that ever happened again. LOL Any time I was going to the bank and right back I would take her, if I was not going to come right back I would spell out, I am going to the BANK. I swear she eventually figured that out also so when I couldn't take her I would sneak out the back door. LOL

Martha had a friend that had two dogs, Troubles and another one whose name I can't remember. At her house if Martha said Troubles and what's her name is coming she would go around pick up her toys and drop them behind the couch. She didn't want them to play with them.

Just like Joan and I do now with Carter & Griffin Bubba and I used to watch Spunky a lot. She would snuggle up right by your neck and sleep there like a child.

Bubba used to say Spunky went to the groomer's more than she went to the hair dresser's and she went to the hair dresser's a lot. LOL

At Christmas she would always know which presents under the tree were her's, she would not bother any of the other ones.

Wow, I could go on and on but this BLOG is getting long. LOL Just like Scott's, Cooper, Spunky's health started to go down hill also, actually just like Cooper it started at the age of thirteen. Also just like Cooper she let us know when she was ready. We were not ready but we knew she was.

When we took her to the Vet's to have her put down, Bubba, Martha, and Jimmy, said they were not going to go in to watch. I said no way is she going to go through this alone so I said I am going in, then Martha said she was going in also. It was so sad, but it was also very peaceful. Martha and I both hugged her as she slipped away.

While Jimmy and Martha prepared her grave I held her box in my lap, I wanted to hold on to her as long as I could. That was many years ago but I still remember it like it was yesterday.

When Martha and Jimmy sold the house the hardest part for Martha was leaving Spunky behind.

I have always said that people could actually learn a lot from animals.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

She was part of our business, either at the station or the office.
                                           This couch was in front of my desk, she would entertain you even when asleep.
We used to joke she thought she was a cat, on the back of the couch or the arm.

                                                    She knew which wrapped gifts were hers.
                                          Martha and Spunky entertaining the customers for Christmas at the station.
Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Seeing the world in the eyes of children. Our wonderful grand kids Carter & Griffin

Wow, if today is any indication of how the rest of the Labor Day Weekend is going to be it is going to be a great one. It started with Joan and I going to Carter's soccer game. They say at their age who wins or loses doesn't matter but the other team didn't score and his team scored 4 goals. LOL

After the game we went to McDonalds for a quick lunch and brought Carter and Griffin home to spend the night with us. While Griffin napped Joan and I played the card game Crazy Eight with Carter, we laughed till we had tears in our eyes we were having so much fun

When you live in Florida for 38 years like I have we sometimes just take the great things we have here for granted. When you start seeing things through the eyes of Grand Kids you gain a brand new perspective of just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. Juno Beach is about 15 to 20 minutes from the house and it is such a beautiful place. We spent a couple of hours there and had so much fun. Nothing picks up my spirits like seeing them have so much fun and laughing hysterically.

We came home and while Nana was making us a delicious supper the three of us since we were already dirty and wet had water pistol battles. Griffin loves to shoot others but not to thrilled to get shot back. LOL Once in awhile they get on each others nerves but mostly the relationship between Big Brother and Little Brother is such a heart warming thing for me to see.

After a wonderful supper and showers and baths they zonked out as they were exhausted and Papa decided to put his feelings in writing in his BLOG while I was still on such an emotional high.

I tell them all the time but I just want to say it again, Thank You Barb and Brett for allowing Carter and Griffin to be such a big part of our lives.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Special Tribute To Our Daughter Barb, from Joan & Joe


Today is a very special day in the life of Barb, Brett, Carter,& Griffin. After being a stay at home Mommy for 7 years to Carter & Griffin , Barb decided to go back into teaching. She will be a combination first and second grade teacher at Calvary Christian School on Hypoluxo Road where Carter has been a student for 3 years.

Carter will be in the first grade, and Griffin is starting pre-school. Joan and I are so happy and proud of all of them. I decided to repost a tribute I did to Barb on my BLOG in 2009. Just thought today would be a good time to do that.

Follow up to my tribute to my beautiful wife Joan

When I first thought about doing a BLOG I had no idea what I was going to do with it. As it turns out I have ended up doing a lot of tributes to a lot of people. Now I want to do one to our daughter Barbara.

When Joan and I got married I not only got a beautiful wife but two beautiful daughter's also. Janet and Barbara. Joan and I got married in November of 2001, sadly on Christmas Eve 2002 due to a tragic automobile accident Janet was called home to spend eternity in Heaven.

At her Memorial Service I did a eulogy for her, I did not know they were doing an audio tape of the service and when I heard it played back I said Wow here I was saying all those nice things about Janet and a lot of them I had never said to her. Sure I had told her I loved her and what a wonderful Mother she was to Christopher but a lot of other nice things I said about her I realized I had never said to her. Ever since then I have tried to let family and friends that I love know how I feel about them now. So I think that is where the whole idea for these tributes came from. Today I would like to do one to Barbara.

Barb was a wonderful sister to Janet. She is a wonderful daughter to Joan, she is a wonderful wife to Brett, she is a great Aunt to Christopher, loves her family very much, is a wonderful friend to so many and has been a wonderful daughter to me also. When her and Brett got engaged they invited Joan and I to a really nice evening at the Boca Hotel & Club, great dinner, and a nice tour of the club. She then suprised me by asking me if I would walk her down the aisle when her and Brett got married and I said would be honored. It was a beautiful wedding with family and lots of friends. As we were getting ready to walk down I could tell she was about ready to start crying so I told her to just imagine that all of the guests were naked, she said I don't think I would like to see that but it made her laugh and lightened the mood. It was a wonderful wedding and reception.

Now after saying all that let me say what I think really makes her so special. She is A GREAT MOTHER. Carter and Griffin are two very lucky boys to have her as a Mother. She is a totally caring and loving Mother. She has done a teriffic job with Carter, she has been a soccer Mom, a t-ball Mom, a swimming Mom etc. She has been totally involved in his life. She scouted around and found a great pre school for Carter. Any one who has ever seen them interact together know what a great bond they have formed and how much they love each other.

And then along came Griffin, he got off to a bit of a rough start, she has had to take him from doctor to doctor, spent many sleep less nights with him, watched over him like a hawk to protect him from germs and any thing else that could be of harm to him and it has all payed off as he is coming along great now after all her tender loving care.

She has done all this without neglecting Carter. With all the attention she has had to give Griffin she has also not faltered in her care of Carter. Due to her great Mothering Carter has become a very loving and protective big brother.

Last but not least I would like to thank Barb and Brett for allowing me to be very involved with both Carter and Griffin and allowing me to become the Papa I always wanted to be.

We love you Barb.
                                                     Loving Sister's
Happy Times

Memories to cherish

Check out the hair 
Christopher, Barb, Jake, & Carter

Carter, Mommy, & Dad

Miracle Baby Griffin

                                                 Not only Mother & Daughter but best friends

Aunt Barb and Nephew Christopher

Barb, My Daughter Martha & Baby Griffin

                                               Loving Mommy & Son
                                            Shower for Griffin
                                           A very happy day
                                             Daughter, Father, dance

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekends Are Very Special Times

Last week when I posted my BLOG it was the first one I had posted in almost two months. I said I needed something to inspire me to write one and it just had not been happening.

Well this week a question some one asked me I knew was going to be part of my newest posting. The question I was asked was when you are retired or semi-retired and have so many days off during the week do weekends still have a special meaning or are they just like every other day.

I said even though I am off a lot during the week I still look forward to the weekends as that we can go visit with Martha, get to go to a lot of Carter's games and spend a lot of time with him and Griffin. and there are still things you can do on the weekend you can't get done during the week.

And of course we always look forward to Church on Sunday. Church services this Sunday were extra special. The entire service was done by the youth group of the Church. We have so many talented young people at our Church, great musicians, great singers, etc. They did the whole service and it was great and very inspiring.

They showed videos of a couple of trips they have taken this summer. The first one was junior high students. The videos showed just what a wonderful time they had.

The second one was high school and college students, it was wonderful also. Then one person from each group spoke about what a great time it was for them. They interacted with younger children, worked and painted houses, and helped a lot of people etc.

One of the leaders of the youth group did the service and he was great. Had a great message, was very enthusiastic, he had a great sense of humor.

Today when we read the newspapers or watch television about all we ever hear about our young people is the bad news.

When I left Church today I was very uplifted. I think with this type of young people coming up there may be hope for our country.

They sang a song called " Oh How He Loves Me ", it was beautiful, as I looked around I saw a lot of people wiping tears, it was that inspiring. If you have never heard this song go to Goggle, type in the name of the song and watch one of the videos, I think if you have never heard it before you will be very happy you viewed it.

So yes weekends are still very special.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Saving The World, One Post At A Time. LOL

When I started doing my BLOG back in 2009 it seemed like something was always happening to inspire me to write some thing. A weekend with the kids and all the fun we had would give me my inspiration to write some thing. Mother's Day one year I wrote about the three mother's in my life. A crazy evening with Joan and I inspired me to write my secret to a happy marriage. Of course Carter's graduation from pre-school and kindergarten was easy to write about and tell the world how proud I am of him.

Those are just a few of the examples of things that sent me to my keyboard to write about them. I haven't posted any thing since May 26 TH as my brain has been in neutral. LOL

Due to the economy and all the turmoil going on in the good old USA and the world it has affected so many people that we are close to. Those of you that receive and READ my E-Mails probably have noticed that I have been sending lots of positive videos, stories from Guideposts that are always uplifting and are true stories of people often times going through hard times and how some thing through to change their lives. Due to slow sales in the auto industry my 20 to 25 hours a week part job has been relegated to a call as needed basis and I haven't been needed much lately. LOL

Joan tells me that I have too much time on my hands. LOL She also chides me telling me all the time you know you can't save the world. Of course I know that but if something I write inspires some one to make a change then I figure it is worth while. Case in point I have ben writing for years telling people how much people who have health problems and are virtually housebound appreciate a phone call, a card, asking them if there is something they need you could help them with, or even better if you can stop by and see them.

The last time I wrote about this at the bottom of my post in Giant Letters I said stop procrastinating, just do it. The next morning a lady sent me an E-Mail and said Joe I have been reading your advice but then my good intentions get side tracked but I want you to know that after I read it yesterday I did not make one phone call, I made three and she said I think I got more joy out of it then the people I called.

I printed that E-Mail out, ran down stairs and said Joan I know I can't save the world but just knowing I got through to one person to me makes it all worth while. I just could not help gloating. LOL

Bad emotional habits can do a number on your stress levels and can even lead to depression. Are you a " glass-half-empty " kind of person as I was for far too many years. Studies show that people who are optimistic have better health, live longer, an upbeat attitude can help lessen stress, chronic pain and reduces your chances of developing heart disease.

Pleasing others sounds like a good thing, but if you find yourself constantly over extended and worrying too much about other people's problems instead of your own. Saying yes all the time means that there is an unhealthy balance between giving and receiving. Say Saying no when you are depleted means you are saying yes to yourself. Give it a try.

Those of you that read my stuff have also heard me talk about this A LOT, LAUGHTER IS SO IMPORTANT, IF THERE IS NOT SOME THING AT HAND TO MAKE YOU LAUGH, LOOK FOR SOMETHING. I wrote about this in my BLOG once also, go through old pictures from happier times, I guarantee it will make you feel better.

Wow, I didn't mean to get carried away so I better wrap it up. LOL One more thought.

Quit worrying about what others think, example, as we age we don't look as good as we did when we were younger, ( in most cases anyway ) so when we go to the beach and think to ourselves wow, I don't look so good in a bathing suit any more, instead of thinking that way change your thought to all those young hard bodies that you think are looking at you and tell yourself with a chuckle don't gloat youngsters your day is coming and you are going to look just like me. LMAO

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A loving tribute to Carter William Maynard, a grandson that Nana & Papa love very much and are so proud of him.

Thursday May 26, 2011,

Where has the time gone? Today May 26 is another milestone in Carter's young life. This evening he graduates from kindergarten.

Carter, as you graduate it makes us so happy to recognize all that you have achieved in your young life and to realize what a terrific kid you are. If you continue to be the wonderful person you are already your future is unlimited. So while you are headed to a future of endless possibilities just remember Nana and Papa are two of the proudest grandparents in the world.

The whole world may never be lucky enough to know what a special young lad you are but the people who know you and love you certainly do.

Back in August 2009 I did a BLOG titled what a difference you have made in my life. I took some of the words from a song by Ronnie Milsap and used them to express how you had changed my life so much. Here is some of those words.

What a difference you have made in my life,

You're my sunshine day and night,

Oh what a difference you have made in my life.

What a change you have made in my heart,

Oh what a change you have made in my heart.

You have gave love a new meaning,

So I joined in the singing,

That's why I wanna spread the news.

On February 1, 2005 you was born. I was there about a half hour after your birth and the very first time I held you I felt like a grandfather. I told your parents I wanted to be called Papa so I became Papa to a little guy who made a drastic change in my life. Lucky for me we just bonded from the very beginning and have continued a great relationship. Oh what great times we have had together.

No matter what we have done together I know I have had more fun than you have. We have spent hours at the park,

I loved taking you to one of your favorite places, McDonalds, we have played games together and in the years since you joined the YMCA Nana and I have loved coming to your baseball, soccer, and basketball games. You used to love for me to read to you and lo and behold last Saturday at your house you came and climbed up on my lap and read me a whole book, it was all Papa could do to hold back the tears.

Since you started school I don't get to spend as much time with you as I used to, so the time we do get to spend together I treasure every minute of it.

I could go on and on with this but just let me close with saying how much your Nana and Papa love you and how proud we are of you.

Papa hopes as you get older you will remain the loving and caring person you are now.

Just a small part of the wonderful moments I have shared with Carter.

A Very Happy Day

About an hour after he was born and the day I
finally felt like a Grandpa. Barb & Brett asked me what I
wanted to be called and I said Papa, I still love
hearing him call me Papa.

Just a few pictures over the years, what great
memories from a proud Papa.

Guidepost magazine asked for pictures to
honor the Fourth Of July a couple of years
ago, out of all the pictures they recieved from
all over the country they only used five pictures
and Carter's was one of them. 
The time I spend with Carter and Griffin I think I
have more fun than they do.

An adoring Nana, she is a wonderful
Nana to all three of her grandsons.

Carter performing at his graduation from pre-school
last year. He loves to oreform.

One of this aaaaaaah moments 
A Very Proud Mommy & Daddy

Carter relishes his role  as big brother, loves his brother Griffin very much.
I told Carter I hope he never gets to old
or to big to give his Papa a hug and a kiss.

Loss of first tooth. He called me and said
Papa I lost my first tooth, I said that's great
you will get a visit from the Tooth Fairy, he said
but I swallowed the tooth, but he said not to worry
I left her a note. She must have read the note
because she left him some money.

What more could a Papa hope for?