Sunday, February 28, 2010

Papa, Carter, & Griffin's long fun day together.

Saturday February 27 Joan was out of town and Barb had an all day event she needed to go to. She asked me if I thought I was up to watching both Carter and Griffin all day. I had watched Carter for a few hours a lot of times but I had never watched both of them together more than just a couple of hours but I said sure I think I can handle it. I realized having them all day meant feeding them, changing diapers, and trying to find enough to do to keep them busy and happy. Turned out to be a lousy day weather wise which made the challenge ever greater as we would not be able to play outside.

As you will see from these pictures we did just fine, actually we had a ball. Carter is such a good big brother, he was a big help to me keeping Griffin happy. It was really a fun day with no problems.

Made me feel good to know Barb and Brett had enough confidence in Papa to handle the day. LOL

Starting their day with a good breakfast

Check out the hands and face, he did get a lot of food in his tummy also. LOL

Carter enjoying cartoons after playing and breakfast, their Mommy said I hope they don't drive you crazy today, wow look how bad they were for me. LOL

Not to worry Mommy we are not giving Papa any problems.

Simon Katz is 80 plus years young, still going strong, his grandchildren just love him as he takes such interest in them.

Carter came over to me and whispered in my ear, do you think I can run the trains, he was so excited when Simon said yes.

This train display takes up about 3/4 of this room. Simon put together all the buildings, most every thing you see here except the train parts

Just arrived home after going to Simon's to play with trains, break time.

Saturday night, Griffin still going strong.

The morning after our big day together, we are still having fun.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old Pictures, great way to bring back great memories.

If you ever get to feeling down and thinking about any rough times you have gone through or may be going through one way to lift your spirits is to dig out old pictures and take a look back at your life.

Three or four years ago Joan got one of those calendars where each day you pull off the page of the previous day and it gave you a thought for the day, one morning I pulled it off and the thought for the day was ( for every bad thing that happens to us about 18 to 20 good things happen for us and we dwell on the one bad thing instead of all the good things. ) My thought was, WOW that's me, that's just what I do. So I started when I had some thing bad happen I would right away start thinking about good things and it seemed to help me a lot.

In 2008 the tenth anniversary of my wife Louise (Bubba) Jackson's death I did a tribute book to her for my daughter Martha. I started going back through old pictures for the booklet and I was amazed when I realized just how much fun we had over the years. Sure along the way there was some bad bumps in the road but over all we had lived a great life filled with lots of excitement, journeys, great times with family and friends etc. It made me realize just how lucky I had been in my life.

Well now we are up to 2010 and I am preparing another tribute to Joan for her 70 TH birthday in March, so it is back to the old pictures again. Joan also has had some tragedy in her life but going through her old pictures I realize just what a great life she has had also, and the 10 years we have been together have never been dull and we have the pictures to prove it. LOL

The eight pictures I have posted are just eight of hundres of pictures I have gone through and they all bring back such special memories.

White water rafting in Alaska, with my new little buddy Griffin, Martha's 50 TH birthday celebration, Martha's wedding, Carter giving his old Papa a big kiss, the first time I held him when he was just hours old, a picture with my Dad and my Mom which brings back memories of a wonderful childhood.

As I said the old pictures have brought me great enjoyable moments and I envision taking more pictures that I can look back on years from now and relive the great time I am having now.

So dig out some of your old pictures and take a trip down memory lane, I bet you will be glad you did.

White river rafting in Alaska

With Griffin

Martha's 50 TH birthday

My Daughter's wedding

Me and my Mom
Me, my Dad and my first dog