Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The third Mother I want to honor is my wife Joan Jackson. As I said I lost an angel when Bubba passed away and God was looking out for me and he sent me another angel. Joan is also a GREAT Mother and Nana and Mother-in Law to Brett. Joan's husband and father of Janet and Barbara passed away when Janet was seventeen and Barbara was thirteen. She did a great job taking on the role of both Mother and Father and developing a great relationship with Janet that lasted until her untimely death in a car accident on December 24, 2002 and still exists with Barbara, another example of not only being their Mother but their best friend also.
She is also A GREAT NANA to Christopher, Carter, and now Griffin. Joan always puts her children and grandchildren and even lucky me ahead of herself.
I have been a very lucky man to have had and still have these three women as a part of my life and I thank God all the time for having such wonderful women as a part of my life.

Next I would like to honor my wife Louise ( Bubba ) Jackson. We married February 1, 1959 about five months before her seventeenth birthday and just about four months after my eighteenth birthday. Most of our family and friends said it would never last, it lasted thirty nine years until her death in 1988. Bubba was a wonderful Mother, Mother-in-Law, and Grandmother. Martha always said my Mom is not only was my Mom but also my best Friend, a wonderful tribute for sure. The health problems she went through the last few years of her life never got her down, she never complained just went about her life being the wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and mother-in-law she always had been.
Bubba passed away March 9, 1988 surrounded by family and friends that still miss her very much. An angel on earth had gone on to be an angel in heaven who still looks out for every one from up above.

My Mother's Day tribute to the three Mom's in my life

First I will start with my Mom. Her Mother died when my Mom was in the seventh grade, she had to drop out of school to take care of her three brothers as her Father's job kept him away from home for long periods of time. She had to be more of a Mother to them then a Sister and it wasn't easy.
When she married my Dad he was a disabled veteran, they had reversed roles, she worked and he took care of the house. He would some times have to spend time in a TB sanatorium so she would have to work, take care of me, and we would go see him as often as we could. We didn't own a car at that time so we would have to take a train or a bus.
My Dad passed away when I was twelve years old. She was very busy with funeral arrangments and taking care of every thing that had to be done. We lived in a small town where almost every one in town game to the viewing and the funeral. We had family come from othere states. all in all a very bust time. When the last relative had gone home, I always remember her saying ok young man it is just you and me now. She said I will make you a promise right now that I will do every thing I can do to keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach, and clothes on your back until you get through high school.
My Mom was a very smart lady but because she did not have a formal education she always had jobs that required a lot of hard work and long hours but she kept her promise and she got me through high school. She could make a dollar go further than any one I have ever known.
She always preached to me to be honest, respect your elders amd always try to do the right thing. She used to say be nice to every one because the people you meet in life while you are climbing the ladder are the same people you will meet if you have to come back down the ladder.
She never remarried, she made my daughter Martha the main focus of her life, she would keep her at her house on her days off, take her on vacation with her, etc. Sadly the last few years of her life she developed alzeimers. Mom I hope I have lived up to your expectations, I thank you for every thing. RIP

Thursday, April 23, 2009

04-23-09 Carter's day at work with Papa

Ever since Carter started walking I have been taking him to work with me once in awhile. I do courier work for Earl Stewart Toyota, we go to the office, to the bank, to the tag and title office, the post office, just any errands that need to be done. He loves going with me and he has made many friends along the way, if I don't take him for awhile they start asking when is Carter coming again. LOL

It gives me a lot of one on one time with him which I really enjoy.