Thursday, October 20, 2011

If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away

Those of you that read my BLOG know I get a lot of ideas for my BLOG from songs. For many years I was a die hard Country Music lover. Then it started taking a trend that I really don't like as well so I started either listening to my old country CD's or even other styles of music. We have a pretty new radio station locally that plays a lot of easy listening music and I guess as I am mellowing out at my ripe old age I find myself listening to it most of the time.

Now when I do listen to country radio I find I don't even recognize the names of the new country singers. But the other day I heard a singer named Justin Moore sing a song called " If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away " and I really liked it and it got my mind going. LOL

What he says is that If Heaven Wasn't So Far away he would like to pack up and go there for a day.

I know we all want to go to Heaven but we just don't want to go yet. LOL But to go for a day or two wouldn't that be nice?

I would tell my Dad that I thought he was hard on me when I was a kid but the only job he ever had before he became disabled was the military. He was tough on me but I would tell him Thank You Dad because in hind sight he planted an ethic in me that has served me well.

He passed away when I was 12 years old so I would tell my Mom I could never thank you enough for all your help you gave me, how hard you had to struggle to raise me until I got through High School and was able to go out on my own.

I would thank Bubba for being such a great Wife, great Mother, the absolute best Daughter-in Law ever as when my Mom developed Alziemer's she was the one that took such great care of her even when she wasn't in the best of health herself. I would tell how much she is still loved by every one that knew her and how much she is missed. I would thank her that when she was looking down and seeing I was not doing well she talked to God and told him he needed to do some thing for me he led me to Joan.

I would try to get around and give big hugs to all the family and friends there. People I think of all the time, my beautiful step daughter Janet. Frank Strawderman, we became brother-in-laws because we married sisters, we became life long friends because we loved each other and had so much fun over the years, same with Jimmy Sherman, my beloved sister-in-law Barbara Creamer, her beautiful daughter Nancy who left us much to soon. I wish I could list them all but as an only child I had and still have so many brothers and sisters, it is remarkable when I think about it.

As Justin sings about in the song I would sit on a cloud and visit for awhile, It would do me good just to see them smile and to hear them laugh again. Tell them I hope to come back to see them some time and tell them that losing them wouldn't be so hard to take If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away, so far away, so far away.

The good thing about country music be it the old or the new most of the time it is songs about life.

Then I would say to them I love you and I miss you and hold a spot for me there just not right now, LOL