Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Tribute To The Cornell Institute For Rehabilitation Medicine At Bethesda Hospital East In Boynton Beach, Florida.

A Tribute To The Cornell Institute For Rehabilitation Medicine At Bethesda Hospital East In Boynton Beach, Florida.
After my back surgery at JFK Hospital in Atlantis on July 28 TH the surgeon came to talk to me after I woke up. He told me that after starting the surgery he realized the damage was worse that he had expected after viewing the X-Rays and MRI's. He said the surgery took two and a half hours.
He told me that I was going to have to go to rehab. Every one I talked to at JFK strongly recommended that the best place I could go for rehab was Cornell Institute.
I'm glad I took their advice. What a wonderful place.
I was there from August 3 until August 30.
It is an acute inpatient rehabilitation Rehab.
For me I needed physical and occupational therapy. Their goal is to help patients reach their optimum level of wellness and to be as self sufficient as you can be when you go home.
All my therapists were totally professional and caring. Constantly assuring me that what they were asking me to do was going to be for my benefit.
The entire team meets each week to discuss the patients treatment, and their progress. They find out from each other what the patient is doing well and what they need to work on that they may be not doing so well. A total team effort.
Every day I was there I was amazed to see the detail they go through with you.
They have all these specially designed aids to get you ready to be back on your own again.
Again I found it amazing.
The treatment I received when I was not doing therapy was wonderful also. Great nurses, again totally professional but very, very, caring.
Always coming to check on me to see if I needed anything.
Before I came home they had my wife come in for training by therapists on things she could do to help me once I came home.
Finally from the morning I left home for the surgery until my wife picked me up to bring me home I was only outside twice. Once when they moved me from JFK to Cornell and once to go for a follow up visit with my surgeon. Missed the fresh air, but even though I wasn't going outside I saw a bright ray of sunshine every morning when I entered the rehab room.
There was this Angel on earth who worked in the rehab place. Her name was " Annie " and usually the first thing I seen when I entered the room was her beautiful smile, I told her thanks to her even though I didn't go outside her smile was my sunshine every morning.
Love You Annie And You Are An Angel On Earth. What an uplifting personality.
I still have a way to go but thanks to the training and treatment I received at Cornell I am making progress every day.
I just had to single Annie out but my heartfelt thanks goes out to every one I had the pleasure of working with there.