Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Great way to spend a Saturday morning

Wow I went through the whole month of September with out posting any thing on my BLOG, thought I better see if I remembered how to do it. LOL Saturday October 10 was the start of Carter's soccer season. Last year they just showed them the basics but this year they spend the first half hour doing the basics but the 2nd half hour they play the game. They don't keep score but they do try to put the ball in the goal. It is too funny, one of Carter's team mates kicked the ball in the wrong goal. LOL Some times they head the wrong way on the field and they forget that in soccer you don't pick the ball up. It is too funny, I am sure they will get better as the season progresses.

Since Mommy gets involved in the game, Nana and Papa get to take care of Griffin, it is a labor of love. He is getting quite a personality.

Monday we leave for a five day cruise so hopefully I will have some fun stuff to report on my next BLOG. Bon Voyage

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