Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nana & Papa's wonderful weekend with Carter and Griffin.

Wow, it was a wonderful weekend for sure. When Joan sent out the invitations to my birthday party she said no presents, just your  presence will be gift enough. But I got presents any way. One was a gift certificate from The Reef Grill, in Juno Beach, a great seafood place from great friends. Friday night is usually our date night so we used the certificate to go there. Their seafood is wonderful, so the weekend got off to a great start.

Saturday morning as has been the case the past few Saturday's we went to Carter's soccer game. We just love his games and he has been showing steady improvement week after week. The Saturday before he got hurt twice, took a soccer ball right flush to the face and also got kicked in the leg. We didn't know if he would be gun shy Saturday or not, but he played his best game ever and scored his first goal. He was so excited, but so was his rooting section, his Mommie, Nana, Papa Joe, Papa Bill, & Aunt Didi, his Dad had to work so he called him on the phone to tell him and also called Mimi, grandma Maynard, as she was working also.

Carter & Griffin came home with us after the game to spend the rest of the day, Saturday night, and most of the day Sunday. We all had a great time Saturday afternoon and evening.

Sunday morning after Nana fixed us all a wonderful breakfast we went to the park in North Palm Beach by the intercostal waterway. As you will see from the pictures we all had a great time, lots of fun and laughter. There was a cute little girl there with her Mom & Dad and she joined in with Cater & Griffin just like she knew them and they all had a lot of fun together.

And as the saying goes all good things have to come to and end and we met their Dad and he took them home. Papa & Nana were tired  but it was a good tired because of all the fun we had.

I must say for two 70 year olds, nan & Papa held our own with them, can't wait until we do it again.

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