Sunday, January 16, 2011

People Who Love People Are The Luckiest People In The World

For Christmas this year Joan and I decided we were not going to exchange gifts with each other this Christmas. We said we would just get each other a few things for our stockings. Now the question for me what was I going to get her. Joan's favorite singer is Barbara Streisand, since I doubt if she will ever get the chance to see her in concert after seeing ads in the paper and commercials on television I decided to get tickets to a show at the Kravis Center and a few other things for her stocking.

Bob Lappin & The Palm Beach Pops
        Proudly Present
The Streisand Songbook
Featuring Gloria Loring

Showcasing singer and actress Gloria Loring the concert features the music of one of the greatest living legends, Barbara Streisand. Many know Gloria as Liz Chandler in the daytime drama, Days Of Our Lives and her # 1 pop hit Friends and Lovers. Dan Heckman of the Los Angeles Times exclaims Gloria Loring is one of the most pure musical talents in mainstream pop today. Gloria joins Bob Lappin and The Palm Beach Pops to bring to life the timeless songs, The Way We Were, People Who Love People, Somewhere, and other memorable Streisand tunes as well as music from Hello Dolly, Funny Girl, and Yentl.

Well of course it was not like seeing Barbara Streisand but it was a great show. Bob Lappin and the Palm Beach Pops have been around here for 19 years but we had never seen them perform, they are wonderful, after they did their part and an intermission Miss Gloria Loring came on to do the Barbara Streisand Songbook and she also was wonderful, she sang most of Barbara's great hits and did a fantastic job.

As so often is the case certain songs start my mind to thinking and one of the great songs People Who Love People did just that.

The Lyrics:

People who need people,

Are the luckiest people in the world

We're children, needing other children

And yet letting a grown-up pride

Hide all the need inside

Acting more like children than children

Lovers are very special people

They're the luckiest people in the world

With one person one very special person

A feeling deep in your soul

Says you were half now you're whole

No more hunger and thirst

But first be a person who needs people

People who need people

Are the luckiest people in the world

With one person one very special person

No more hunger and thirst

But first be a person who needs people
The link to see the song performed.

People who need people really are very lucky people. Joan and I are both people loving people, we love and appreciate our family and friends so much. Just one case in point Joan had to go in the hospital Christmas Eve and was there 6 days. I let every one know what was going on. Joan has done so much and helped people so much over the years and when they found out what was going on they really responded, phone calls, visits, cards, it was wonderful. Being in the hospital any time is no fun but through the holidays makes it even worse. Well the people came through and what a great thing it was to have so many people respond it kept her spirits up. P/S although she is back to work and feeling much better they are still showing their concern.

I find people that say they don't need people in most cases to be very lonely and sad people.

 Love and thanks to all.

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