Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Story About My Grand Dog Spunky.

Two or three weeks ago I sent all of you an E-Mail about a beautiful story that appeared in our local paper The Palm Beach Post on August 19.

It was written by Scott Eyman about his beloved German Shepard, Cooper. Scott is an author and he also writes for the Post.

Cooper was more than just a dog to Scott, he was also like his best friend. He told lots of stories about the thirteen years he had with Cooper. The relationship between Scott and Cooper made for a beautiful story.

I hope most of you got the chance to read it. He told how after thirteen years Cooper's health started to deteriorate. Scott mentioned it to a friend of his and said he didn't know what to do about it. His friend told him Cooper will tell you when it is time. Shortly after that sure enough Copper did let him know in his own way it was time. He wrote it was the hardest thing he ever had to do when it came time to put him down.

A week later on August 26 he wrote a follow up story and included lots and lots of letters he had received from people with similar stories. They were all very touching and heart warming stories and were a big help to Scott to help him with his grief.

I was going to do a BLOG about a similar love affair I had with a Dog named Spunky. Then Irene came along and most of my family and friends from the north east had a lot going for them with all the ramifications from Irene and I figured I would hold off as a lot of them were without electricity, cleaning up from flooding, downed trees, etc.

Hopefully most of my family and friends are starting to get back to some sort of normalcy so I am going to try to put my story in writing.

All most all my life I have had dogs in my life. Actually when I was born my Mom and Dad already had a dog named Pat. When I moved from Maryland to Florida in 1973 I brought two dogs down with me. They both had to eventually be put down and I decided maybe I didn't want to go through that again so I didn't get another dog.

After Martha and Jimmy had been married awhile and had no children they got a Cocker Spaniel, a beautiful black and white one and named her Spunky.

Every one who has children, grand children, or dogs think their's are the smartest, cutest, ones ever. Well in Spunky's case she was. LOL She became Bubba's and mines Grand Dog. She would come to work with Martha every day and hang out in our office or show room at our Shell Station.

Later on we got a office and ware house separate from the station and she would come there every day.

I would take her on my errands every day, at the drive in window at the bank they would give the dogs treats. When I would say I was going to the bank she would wake up from a sound sleep and be waiting at the door ready to go. One day they were out of treats and she mopped all the way back to the office. We would keep treats in our glove departments for her in case that ever happened again. LOL Any time I was going to the bank and right back I would take her, if I was not going to come right back I would spell out, I am going to the BANK. I swear she eventually figured that out also so when I couldn't take her I would sneak out the back door. LOL

Martha had a friend that had two dogs, Troubles and another one whose name I can't remember. At her house if Martha said Troubles and what's her name is coming she would go around pick up her toys and drop them behind the couch. She didn't want them to play with them.

Just like Joan and I do now with Carter & Griffin Bubba and I used to watch Spunky a lot. She would snuggle up right by your neck and sleep there like a child.

Bubba used to say Spunky went to the groomer's more than she went to the hair dresser's and she went to the hair dresser's a lot. LOL

At Christmas she would always know which presents under the tree were her's, she would not bother any of the other ones.

Wow, I could go on and on but this BLOG is getting long. LOL Just like Scott's, Cooper, Spunky's health started to go down hill also, actually just like Cooper it started at the age of thirteen. Also just like Cooper she let us know when she was ready. We were not ready but we knew she was.

When we took her to the Vet's to have her put down, Bubba, Martha, and Jimmy, said they were not going to go in to watch. I said no way is she going to go through this alone so I said I am going in, then Martha said she was going in also. It was so sad, but it was also very peaceful. Martha and I both hugged her as she slipped away.

While Jimmy and Martha prepared her grave I held her box in my lap, I wanted to hold on to her as long as I could. That was many years ago but I still remember it like it was yesterday.

When Martha and Jimmy sold the house the hardest part for Martha was leaving Spunky behind.

I have always said that people could actually learn a lot from animals.

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