Thursday, March 29, 2012

The loveliest of memories

Will never fade away,

Though years may come and go

The joy they brought will stay.

Special times once shared

With loved ones long since gone.

We hold them in our heart's,

Their memories living on.

The loveliest of memories

Mean more than words can say

For when we feel downcast

They will chase all cares away.

I have memories from when I was about four years old. I know this is true because we moved when I was four years old and I still have memories from the house I was born in. I remember my first day of school when I was six years old like it was yesterday. Ask me what I did yesterday and I may have to take a minute or two to think about it. They tell me that is not a good sign. LOL

For most of my life I probably dwelled more on the bad memories than I did the good ones. I guess I have always been a slow learner, it took me until I was in my sixties to finally realize that those bad memories are just that. I finally realized that I can't back up and change any of the things that I perceived as bad. I have written about this before but will mention it again in the hope that maybe others will get the same meaning from it as I did.

One morning years ago Joan had one of those calendars on the counter in the kitchen that gave you the quote for the day. One morning I got up early to go make the coffee. When I pulled off the one from the day before the one for the new day said, for every bad thing that happens to us on the average of 18 to 25 good things happen to us, why do we dwell on the one bad thing rather than the good things.

I remember stepping back and saying out loud, Wow that is just what I do. I said things can be going good for me and I will let one bad thing not only ruin my day but maybe ruin a couple of days. If you asked my Dear Joan about that I am sure you would get a big AMEN. LOL

I decided right then to try and reverse that trend. When some thing upsets me I try to drive it out of my mind and for the most part I do that. I am not saying it is easy but you can do it.

Those of you that read my E-Mails and my BLOG I am sure have noticed that I am big on quotes, especially positive ones. My hope is that maybe one of the quotes will affect them just like the one did for me.

Every one I send I think to myself I can't give this advice if I don't follow it myself so it helps to keep me pumped up also.

I have also written about when you are feeling down get out some old pictures of happy and joyful times, it almost always will help you get out of your funk.

Due to circumstances I am estranged from a few people I loved in my life. I have no bad feelings toward them as a matter of fact I use the same philosophy when I think about them, I only remember the fun and good times I had with them for many years. I do not dwell on the reason we became estranged because that also is one of those things that being upset about it is not going to change it.

One regret I do have is that I wish I had adopted this philosophy much earlier in my life, don't waste time dwelling on the past that you cannot change, point your life toward the future, that you can change for the better.

Love And Happy Easter Wishes To You All.

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