Friday, July 20, 2012

Why Do We Ask Why So Much

Our little Grandson Griffin's favorite word is Why. You could not count the number of times a day he asks Why.
On my way to Sam's Club this morning I caught myself asking myself Why a few times. LOL
While I was unloading the car when I got home one of our neighbors went by walking her dog. She said I have been checking your BLOG site and nothing new for about a month. I told her I had been so engrossed in the book I am trying to write that I had not even thought of any thing to write about for my BLOG.
Although I mostly ask Why to myself I realize I ask it a lot. So needing to write a BLOG, thought I would write about the word,Why.
Why do drivers on a five lane wide road drive in the far left lane until they are like a city block from their exit cut across all that traffic?
Why do our military veterans, especially those who served their country during combat have to stand in the intersection with signs saying they are homeless and hungry when we send billions of dollars to countries that will never improve and even worse after all that aid most of them still hate us?
Why do dentists fly to third world countries to work on kids teeth, when we have children in Appalachia in our own country that have never been to a dentist?
Why do so many people in Florida buy cars with no turn signals? I assume they don't have any as they never use them.
Why do negative people always want to drag you down to their level?
Why when you go to Sam's Club, Home Depot, Publix, etc. where they have 20 to 25 registers and they are busy have only 4 registers open?
Why would the city of Miami contribute millions of dollars to help build a new stadium for an owner who is a billionaire and for years has traded away enough great players to stock an all star team when he thinks their salaries are getting too high?
Why do people go to church looking like they are going to the beach?
Why do people when a seven year or a three year old kid as they are walking by says Good Morning to them and they don't answer? Then Papa has to tell them well guys, every one is not as nice as you are.
Why do people walk their dogs in their own neighborhood and not pick up their dog s--t?
Why do people take up two parking spots in a crowded shopping center or restaurant?
Why do politicians from both parties stand in front of the TV cameras and ask why does our country have so many people unemployed when they have all stood by and watched the jobs shipped out to foreign countries? Also shipped out to other countries that still hate us.
Why when a man walks into a crowded theatre and kills 12 people and injures many more why do taxpayers have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to try him, and then many more hundreds of thousands to house and feed his worthless a-- for years and years?
On that same type of subject why can't we just have a guy like Jerry Sandusky turned loose in a forest some where surrounded by the parents of his victims?
Ok, I could go on and on here, but now I know why Griffin asks so many Why's, just like Papa he wants to know why. LOL

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