Friday, July 17, 2009

Follow up to my tribute to my beautiful wife Joan

When I first thought about doing a BLOG I had no idea what I was going to do with it. As it turns out I have ended up doing a lot of tributes to a lot of people. Now I want to do one to our daughter Barbara.

When Joan and I got married I not only got a beautiful wife but two beautiful daughter's also. Janet and Barbara. Joan and I got married in November of 2001, sadly on Christmas Eve 2002 due to a tragic automobile accident Janet was called home to spend eternity in Heaven.

At her Memorial Service I did a eulogy for her, I did not know they were doing an audio tape of the service and when I heard it played back I said Wow here I was saying all those nice things about Janet and a lot of them I had never said to her. Sure I had told her I loved her and what a wonderful Mother she was to Christopher but a lot of other nice things I said about her I realized I had never said to her. Ever since then I have tried to let family and friends that I love know how I feel about them now. So I think that is where the whole idea for these tributes came from. Today I would like to do one to Barbara.

Barb was a wonderful sister to Janet. She is a wonderful daughter to Joan, she is a wonderful wife to Brett, she is a great Aunt to Christopher, loves her family very much, is a wonderful friend to so many and has been a wonderful daughter to me also. When her and Brett got engaged they invited Joan and I to a really nice evening at the Boca Hotel & Club, great dinner, and a nice tour of the club. She then suprised me by asking me if I would walk her down the aisle when her and Brett got married and I said would be honored. It was a beautiful wedding with family and lots of friends. As we were getting ready to walk down I could tell she was about ready to start crying so I told her to just imagine that all of the guests were naked, she said I don't think I would like to see that but it made her laugh and lightened the mood. It was a wonderful wedding and reception.

Now after saying all that let me say what I think really makes her so special. She is A GREAT MOTHER. Carter and Griffin are two very lucky boys to have her as a Mother. She is a totally caring and loving Mother. She has done a teriffic job with Carter, she has been a soccer Mom, a t-ball Mom, a swimming Mom etc. She has been totally involved in his life. She scouted around and found a great pre school for Carter. Any one who has ever seen them interact together know what a great bond they have formed and how much they love each other.

And then along came Griffin, he got off to a bit of a rough start, she has had to take him from doctor to doctor, spent many sleep less nights with him, watched over him like a hawk to protect him from germs and any thing else that could be of harm to him and it has all payed off as he is coming along great now after all her tender loving care.

She has done all this without neglecting Carter. With all the attention she has had to give Griffin she has also not faltered in her care of Carter. Due to her great Mothering Carter has become a very loving and protective big brother.

Last but not least I would like to thank Barb and Brett for allowing me to be very involved with both Carter and Griffin and allowing me to become the Papa I always wanted to be.

I love you Barb.

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