Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Martha's 50 TH birthday.

July 21 1959 was a day I will never forget. I was working from midnight to eight AM in the morning. When I came home Bubba was upset and said she was spotting blood, I said I will call the Doctor at 900 AM. I called him and he said that is normal, nothing to worry about so she said OK. She woke me up a couple of hours later and said I don't care what that Doctor said some thing is not right. She was in a lot of distress. I called him back and he told me to take her to the hospital and he would meet us there. He went into a consultation with other Doctors and came out and said that the Mother and the Baby were poisioning each other and would have to be seperated. He said it was very serious and if they had to make a decision as to save the Mother or the Baby they would save the Mother as you could always have another child. After what seemed an eternity of waiting he came out and told me every thing was good and that I was the Father of a beautiful little girl.

Her entrance into the world was any thing but routine. I could write a book about her from that time forward. I will just say she was a great baby, if she cried you knew you better check her out because other then when she had a problem she was a happy, laughing, smiling, little girl.

Her teenage years at times were a challenge as we didn't always agree on things, like curfews, chores, the use of Dad's car, etc. LOL But with the help of her wonderful Mother we survived it all. LOL

She met and married Jimmy who was and still is a wonderful son-in-law. Bubba used to joke with Martha telling her she hoped nothing ever came between her and Jimmy as she would have a tough time deciding on which one to support. LOL

Their daughter Jessica came into their life in 1990 and life was good. Martha and Jimmy were a big part of our business until we sold them them in 1997. Their life was good, happy, busy, just a normal All American Family until May 2004 when she had her major stroke. It has been a hardship on her and them for sure but thank God she has the personality of her Mother, she suffered a lot of health problems the last few years of her life and never let it change who she was and Martha has pretty much done the same thing, she loves her family and friends very much and in spite of her serious problems mostly remains upbeat and happy.

She has been so excited the past few days as she has recieved a ton of cards, phone calls, roses, visits from some family and friends, some of whom she hasn't seen or heard from for awhile. She has totally enjoyed it all, on behalf of her, Jimmy, Jessica, Joan, and I we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making her 50 TH birthday so special, it'sbeen a long time since I have seen her smile and laugh so much, Love to all.

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