Sunday, August 16, 2009

Griffin's weekend with Nana & Papa

On Sunday August 9, Barbara, Brett, Carter, & Griffin left for a long anticipated vacation. Since Griffin was born they have been very busy with doctors appointments, many sleepless nights, and not a lot of rest so off they went to Captiva for a nice weeks vacation. They were with two other couples and set to have a lot of fun. They were having a great time on Sunday and Monday and lo and behold on Tuesday Carter came down with the flu. They had to cut the vacation short and come home.

The doctor said if they could it would be a good idea to seperate Carter and Griffin so Griffin would not get sick. So on Tuesday night Griffin went to stay with Mimi and Papa Bill. They kept him until Joan picked him up Friday evening and she brought him home to spend the weekend with us.

We have been having a ball with him, he went out to dinner with us Friday night and he was the center of attention at the restaurant. We felt really bad about Carter being sick but we have had a great time with him this weekend. Joan has to go back to work tomorrow so it is off back to Mimi's and Papa Bill's until the doctor says it is ok for him to go home.

His Mommy is climbing the wall waiting for him to be able to come home. She knew I would be taking pictures of him so she had me forward them to her last night. LOL

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