Sunday, August 2, 2009

Martha's 50 TH birthday continued

Every one that knows Joan always kids her about her birthday, they say she doesn't just have a birthday she has a birthday month. It just seems to go on and on.

Well Martha's birthday also has not been just a birthday day. Her birthday was July 21, we went over to help her celebrate on July 19, she had already got a lot of cards and phone calls. Well the cards and phone calls kept coming before and after her birthday.

I went over to visit her today, August 2 and she still was charged up about every thing. She couldn't wait to show me all the cards she recieved since I was over there before. And in her own way telling me about some of the phone calls she recieved. And she was still excited.

She wishes she could personally thank every one who helped make her birthday a very special one but since she can't do that I will try to do it for her. On behalf of Martha, Jimmy, Jessica, Anita, Joan, and I we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I just wish there was some way I could convey to you how much it has picked up her spirits, me trying to tell you about it does not do it justice.

She also recieved some nice gift cards, and flowers. Anita and Jessica took her out for a nice breakfast the day of her birthday and our dear friends Carol and Debbie gave her the picture frame and the collage of pictures of her Mom you see in the pictures along with most of the cards. The picture frame has three parts, for my 50 TH, Bubba's and Martha's also, a novel idea I had not seen one like that before.

Love and best wishes to you all, and God Bless You.

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