Sunday, February 28, 2010

Papa, Carter, & Griffin's long fun day together.

Saturday February 27 Joan was out of town and Barb had an all day event she needed to go to. She asked me if I thought I was up to watching both Carter and Griffin all day. I had watched Carter for a few hours a lot of times but I had never watched both of them together more than just a couple of hours but I said sure I think I can handle it. I realized having them all day meant feeding them, changing diapers, and trying to find enough to do to keep them busy and happy. Turned out to be a lousy day weather wise which made the challenge ever greater as we would not be able to play outside.

As you will see from these pictures we did just fine, actually we had a ball. Carter is such a good big brother, he was a big help to me keeping Griffin happy. It was really a fun day with no problems.

Made me feel good to know Barb and Brett had enough confidence in Papa to handle the day. LOL

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