Sunday, August 22, 2010

Count Down To The Big 70

Well I have started my count down to my 70 TH birthday, wow can you believe? My life has been in like three segments the West Virginia years, 13 of them, the Maryland years, 20 of them, and as of May of 2010 I have been in Florida 37 years. I am taking a little trip down memory lane,  if  you are interested hang on and come along. About 4 or 5 years ago a man was writing a book about my home town of Cass, West Virginia and he asked me if I would write about my years living in Cass and I wrote 9 pages, I can't do that for my BLOG so I will try to give you the condensed version. LOL

I was born in Cass on September 18, 1940 delivered at home by Dr. Hanna, he told my parents Sam and Margaret I was the prettiest baby he had ever delivered, LOL Maybe they believed him and decided not to try to improve on perfection, LOL so any way I was an only child.

For any of you that have ever watched the Andy Griffith show growing up in Cass was just like growing up in Mayberry. Cass was a saw mill town and logging town owned by a company The Mower Lumber Company. Most of the people worked for the company, rented their homes from the company, and bought just about every thing they owned from the company store. Tennessee Ernie Ford had a song called I Owe My Soul To The Company Store and that's what most of the people in town did.

Our jail had two cells, our town cop did not carry a weapon, our fire truck was a two wheel trailer pulled by the firemen and they would hook the hose to fire hydrants scattered around town. LOL Luckily we didn't have many fires. The nearest hospital was about 30 miles away.

Spanking was allowed in school and I can remember at least three times having it happen to me. LOL.

We had no TV, families sat around the radio and listened to shows like The Lone Ranger, Amos & Andy, even the soap operas were on the radio. Not a lot of excitement in our little town but when we were not in school we were outside until dark and sometimes later, it was safe to be out back then. Except for my Dad dying when I was 12 tears old I have nothing but great memories growing up in our small town. No organized sports but we played all the sports sandlot style and lots of time at  the old swimming hole. Oh we did have a movie theatre, open on Friday and Saturday. About 20 miles away we did have a drive-in movie that was open 7 days, we didn't own a car until I was about eight so we bummed a lot of rides, when we would go visit family we would go by train or bus.

Will try to get my thoughts in order about the Maryland years.

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