Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 18, 1940 until September 18, 2010, an amazing journey.

I wrote on my BLOG a little bit about my life in West Virginia and Maryland and said I was going to cover the Florida years. Well I have been in Florida for 37 years now and I just got overwhelmed with every thing that has happened just since I have been in Florida, add on the 33 years prior to moving to Florida and it is just to much to try to put in a BLOG.

As any one that has reached this age in their life I have had my share of tragedies in my life, my Dad passed away when I was 12, my wonderful wife Bubba had a lot of heath problems and passed away at the very young age of 55, Joan's beautiful daughter Janet was killed in an automobile accident much too young leaving behind a 6 year old son, my daughter Martha had a major stroke almost 6 years ago and life has been a struggle for her, just try to imagine not being able to talk for almost 6 years. I only point these things out to show that in going back over my life with pictures, reminising with family and friends, and just spending the past few months reliving the 70 years I have realized just what a great life I have had in spite of the set backs.

I have done so much, seen so much, had so much fun, been surrounded with wonderful family and friends, full filled a lot of dreams that some times when I am talking to people I hope they   they don't think I am bragging, I just try to convey how very lucky I have been and how grateful I am for the wonderful things that have happened to me.

What a ride it has been for that country boy that left the mountains of West Virginia when he was 13 years old.

When Joan's daughter was taken from us so suddenly after a long period of mourning  we decided to just live each day to the fullest, have lots of fun, laugh a lot, spend time with cheerful people, aviod the grouches, LOL and thats  what we do, .

I have lost a lot of family and friends over the past few years and the one thing I have noticed is that the people the most afraid of dying were the people that have never lived much, with the help of all you great family and friends I hope to LIVE UNTIL I DIE.


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