Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just a small part of the wonderful moments I have shared with Carter.

A Very Happy Day

About an hour after he was born and the day I
finally felt like a Grandpa. Barb & Brett asked me what I
wanted to be called and I said Papa, I still love
hearing him call me Papa.

Just a few pictures over the years, what great
memories from a proud Papa.

Guidepost magazine asked for pictures to
honor the Fourth Of July a couple of years
ago, out of all the pictures they recieved from
all over the country they only used five pictures
and Carter's was one of them. 
The time I spend with Carter and Griffin I think I
have more fun than they do.

An adoring Nana, she is a wonderful
Nana to all three of her grandsons.

Carter performing at his graduation from pre-school
last year. He loves to oreform.

One of this aaaaaaah moments 
A Very Proud Mommy & Daddy

Carter relishes his role  as big brother, loves his brother Griffin very much.
I told Carter I hope he never gets to old
or to big to give his Papa a hug and a kiss.

Loss of first tooth. He called me and said
Papa I lost my first tooth, I said that's great
you will get a visit from the Tooth Fairy, he said
but I swallowed the tooth, but he said not to worry
I left her a note. She must have read the note
because she left him some money.

What more could a Papa hope for?

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