Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Review and some history of the decade of the 90's

I did my review of the 1980's on May 7. Things have been just a little hectic around the Jackson household since then. LOL

Hopefully things are starting to settle down a little now. Joan is back to work and I have my release from the Doctor's to go back to work next week.

So I decided to continue my review of the decades by doing the 90's. Big changes every decade but the 90's may have been the decade of some of the most drastic changes.

In 1990 a new house cost $123,000 and by 1999 it was $131,700.

The average wage in 1990 was $28,970 and by 1999 it was $40,810

In 1990 a gallon of gas was $1.34, 1999 $1.22

In 1990 average cost of a new car was $16,000, 1999 $21,100

Levi Denim Jeans $34.99

Some interesting facts from the 90's:

1991 collapse of the Soviet Union

Operation Desert Storm was launched


Official end of the Cold War

Riots in L.A after the Rodney King verdict.


Cult compound in Waco, Texas was raided.

World Trade Center Bombed

Lorena Bobbit took a knife to her husbands most private part. LOL


O.J. Simpson arrested for murder

1995: Oklahoma City bombing


Unabomber arrested


Princess Diana dies in a car crash

Tiger Woods wins the Masters


President Clinton impeached

Viagra on the market.


JFK Jr. dies in plane crash

Killing spree at Columbine High School

1994: Baseball players go on strike again.

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls win six titles in the 90's

The 90's saw the growth of the World Wide Web and the Personal Computer PC. In 1990 when the WWW first became available for the public it grew dramatically with users multiplying at the rate of about 3500 times a year. By the year 2000 there were an estimated 295 million

users on the Internet.

Some of the TV shows of the 90's:

Married with children

Ally McBeal



The X Files



The Cosby Show


Will and Grace

That 70's Show

As with every decade a lot of things happened to the Jackson Clan. Some very good things and of course some very bad things. Bubba and I realized a dream of many years when we built and moved into our Dream Log Home in 1994. We sold our Shell Stations in 1997 and Martha, Jimmy, and Jessica moved to Sebring where they still live today. Sadly Bubba's health continued to deteriorate and she passed away in 1998. One of the most loved person's to ever live on this earth was called home to her heavenly home. She was and is still loved and missed very much by so many family and friends.

In 1999 with Bubba's help pulling a few strings for me in heaven I was steered toward Joan. I lost one Angel and lo and behold was led to another one. Joan and I were married in 2001.

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