Friday, July 29, 2011

Saving The World, One Post At A Time. LOL

When I started doing my BLOG back in 2009 it seemed like something was always happening to inspire me to write some thing. A weekend with the kids and all the fun we had would give me my inspiration to write some thing. Mother's Day one year I wrote about the three mother's in my life. A crazy evening with Joan and I inspired me to write my secret to a happy marriage. Of course Carter's graduation from pre-school and kindergarten was easy to write about and tell the world how proud I am of him.

Those are just a few of the examples of things that sent me to my keyboard to write about them. I haven't posted any thing since May 26 TH as my brain has been in neutral. LOL

Due to the economy and all the turmoil going on in the good old USA and the world it has affected so many people that we are close to. Those of you that receive and READ my E-Mails probably have noticed that I have been sending lots of positive videos, stories from Guideposts that are always uplifting and are true stories of people often times going through hard times and how some thing through to change their lives. Due to slow sales in the auto industry my 20 to 25 hours a week part job has been relegated to a call as needed basis and I haven't been needed much lately. LOL

Joan tells me that I have too much time on my hands. LOL She also chides me telling me all the time you know you can't save the world. Of course I know that but if something I write inspires some one to make a change then I figure it is worth while. Case in point I have ben writing for years telling people how much people who have health problems and are virtually housebound appreciate a phone call, a card, asking them if there is something they need you could help them with, or even better if you can stop by and see them.

The last time I wrote about this at the bottom of my post in Giant Letters I said stop procrastinating, just do it. The next morning a lady sent me an E-Mail and said Joe I have been reading your advice but then my good intentions get side tracked but I want you to know that after I read it yesterday I did not make one phone call, I made three and she said I think I got more joy out of it then the people I called.

I printed that E-Mail out, ran down stairs and said Joan I know I can't save the world but just knowing I got through to one person to me makes it all worth while. I just could not help gloating. LOL

Bad emotional habits can do a number on your stress levels and can even lead to depression. Are you a " glass-half-empty " kind of person as I was for far too many years. Studies show that people who are optimistic have better health, live longer, an upbeat attitude can help lessen stress, chronic pain and reduces your chances of developing heart disease.

Pleasing others sounds like a good thing, but if you find yourself constantly over extended and worrying too much about other people's problems instead of your own. Saying yes all the time means that there is an unhealthy balance between giving and receiving. Say Saying no when you are depleted means you are saying yes to yourself. Give it a try.

Those of you that read my stuff have also heard me talk about this A LOT, LAUGHTER IS SO IMPORTANT, IF THERE IS NOT SOME THING AT HAND TO MAKE YOU LAUGH, LOOK FOR SOMETHING. I wrote about this in my BLOG once also, go through old pictures from happier times, I guarantee it will make you feel better.

Wow, I didn't mean to get carried away so I better wrap it up. LOL One more thought.

Quit worrying about what others think, example, as we age we don't look as good as we did when we were younger, ( in most cases anyway ) so when we go to the beach and think to ourselves wow, I don't look so good in a bathing suit any more, instead of thinking that way change your thought to all those young hard bodies that you think are looking at you and tell yourself with a chuckle don't gloat youngsters your day is coming and you are going to look just like me. LMAO

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