Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekends Are Very Special Times

Last week when I posted my BLOG it was the first one I had posted in almost two months. I said I needed something to inspire me to write one and it just had not been happening.

Well this week a question some one asked me I knew was going to be part of my newest posting. The question I was asked was when you are retired or semi-retired and have so many days off during the week do weekends still have a special meaning or are they just like every other day.

I said even though I am off a lot during the week I still look forward to the weekends as that we can go visit with Martha, get to go to a lot of Carter's games and spend a lot of time with him and Griffin. and there are still things you can do on the weekend you can't get done during the week.

And of course we always look forward to Church on Sunday. Church services this Sunday were extra special. The entire service was done by the youth group of the Church. We have so many talented young people at our Church, great musicians, great singers, etc. They did the whole service and it was great and very inspiring.

They showed videos of a couple of trips they have taken this summer. The first one was junior high students. The videos showed just what a wonderful time they had.

The second one was high school and college students, it was wonderful also. Then one person from each group spoke about what a great time it was for them. They interacted with younger children, worked and painted houses, and helped a lot of people etc.

One of the leaders of the youth group did the service and he was great. Had a great message, was very enthusiastic, he had a great sense of humor.

Today when we read the newspapers or watch television about all we ever hear about our young people is the bad news.

When I left Church today I was very uplifted. I think with this type of young people coming up there may be hope for our country.

They sang a song called " Oh How He Loves Me ", it was beautiful, as I looked around I saw a lot of people wiping tears, it was that inspiring. If you have never heard this song go to Goggle, type in the name of the song and watch one of the videos, I think if you have never heard it before you will be very happy you viewed it.

So yes weekends are still very special.

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