Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Tribute To My Beautiful Wife For Her Birthday

Today is my lovely wife's birthday. I won't tell you how old she is but she was born on March 30, 1940 LOL
I want to honor her on her birthday with a few of my thoughts as to what defines a good woman.

A good woman first is a good daughter. Joan was a wonderful daughter. She lost her father when she was twelve years old and her sister Chary was about one year old. Her mother being the bread winner of the family had to work a lot so Joan in addition to being a big sister also at times had to act as a mother. Her mother remarried and had a son Russell and another daughter Debby and Joan has always been there for them also.

There are so many things she did that made her a great daughter.

A good woman is a good wife. Joan married her child hood sweet heart. She went with him when he was drafted into the army. She always stood by him and after he got out of the army helped him become a very successful business man.

A good woman is a good mother. Her husband passed away when her daughters were 17 and 13 years old. She did a great job taking on the role of mother and father and developing a great relationship with her daughter Janet until her untimely death in a car accident on December 24, 2012 and still exists with Barbara. She was also their best friend.

A good woman is a good grandmother. She is a great Nana to Christopher, Carter & Griffin. And that is an under statement.

A good woman is a good friend. She has so many friends she loves and who love her. She has friends in all age groups. From small children to senior citizens. We were watching TV one night and they had this guy on who was covered with tattoos and had rings in his ears, his nose, his nipples and just about over his whole body. She said why don't you get some of those. She knows that is not my thing, " no offense to people who do it but it just is not my thing ". So I said if I die before you do get me some rings and tattoos to shock my family and friends at my viewing as they know it is not my thing and give them some thing to laugh about. She said there will be no viewing as I will have your a-- cremated. LOL

She then got serious and said if she goes before me she does not want a viewing. She said I hope the people I love and care about and love and care about me we will see and talk to each other up until that time.

So it gave me the idea for her 70 TH birthday to get in touch with a lot of her family and friends and ask them in lieu of gifts if they would write some things about what she has meant to them.

Well I knew she had a lot of friends but the response was overwhelming. The tributes just poured in from family and friends as to how much she had meant to them and how much they loved and admired her. No gifts could mean as much as that

A good woman is someone who has a lot of faith and acts on it, who is kind, gentle, and serves others. She puts her religious beliefs into action by going to church, ministering to others, " she is A Stevens Minister at our church " and living her life in accord with them.

A good woman is one that enjoys life and likes to have fun. She does that for sure, not only does she have fun but she makes things fun for any one around her.

A good woman is successful. She has held a variety of jobs in her life and has done well in all of them.

A good woman is someone who takes meticulous care of her appearance. She puts lipstick on and combs her hair to take the garbage can down to the street in case some one is walking by. LOL

A good woman is kind, always pleasing her family, she cooks a great meal, keeps a neat house, listens to the cares and woes of those she loves with out expecting any thing in return.

When I first started thinking of doing a BLOG I was given advice telling me I needed to keep them short, can't be done when I am telling a story.

I really could go on and on about Joan but I will close by saying what a great lady she is. She has had a lot of tragedies in her life but family and friends who know her would never know it by her actions. She never puts herself first, always putting family, friends and every body else, including lucky me first, every one before herself.

A great thing about a BLOG it gives me the chance to tell the world how much I LOVE HER AND RESPECT HER.

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