Monday, May 13, 2013

This is Carter & Griffin's 73 year young Nana.
They adore their Nana and why shouldn' they?
                                                 It's called a water park for a reason, water, water, every where.
Do many different ways to get wet.

                                                           Griffin is game for just about every thing
                                                            he wants to do every thing big brother does
                                                             which isn't always possible.
I say this quite often but it is so true, I know they
have fun bit Nana and I have just as much fun
as they do.

                                          When we got home he said he wasn't tires but he
                                          took a two and a half hour nap. LOL
If they ever bring the show Dennis The Menace back
Griffin could play the part.

                                           When this bucket fill up it dumps the water, got a picture
                                            just as Carter got the full bucket.

                                          Wow, so much fun.

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