Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just some of the pictures from our fantastic weekend.

                                          Saturday, Sunday, & Monday we literally spent hours
                                           in the pool.
                                          Mommy and her boys.
                                          Nana is such a trooper, she is so active with Carter
                                           & Griffin.
                                                   Here is Nana getting ready to hit the pool
                                                    from coming down the water slide.
                                                  You normally sit up coming down the slide
                                                    and enter the water feet first, Nana ended
                                                     entering the water flat on her back check out
                                                     the splash she made. LOL

                                        Griffin entered all the kids games, he was the youngest
                                         and the smallest one taking part.
                                          That's Carter in the orange shirt and Griffin beside
                                           him. This was the water baloon game. They passed
                                           the baloons while the music was playing, who ever
                                            had the baloon when they stopped the music was
                                        They started with over 20 kids, Griffin made it to
                                         when there was only 5 left. 
                                         Nana didn't want people to see her hair after she went
                                         under the water so Carter let her wear his cap, isn't
                                          she so cool. LOL
                                          We had to check out by 10:00 AM Monday so
                                           they rode down on the luggage carrier. LOL
                                            This is what we seen coming back into the resort
                                             Sunday evening coming back from dinner. It was
                                             a beautiful sight. 

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