Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun with kids under the age of 7, and kids over the age of 70

Awhile ago I sent a list of things to do to help you stay young. Two of the things on the list were to spend time with kids under the age of 7 and kids over the age of 70. Joan and I did just that this past weekend. On Saturday we had a great time visiting with Carter and Griffin. As usual I think we had more fun than the kids did.

Griffin is doing good, he is up to about 9 pounds now. He just loves to be held and Papa just loves to hold him. LOL And of course spending time with Carter is always a blast, he is energy plus and just loves to have fun. A great visit for sure.

We have a dear friend Carol Goldstine who is 86 years young and loves to have fun. She lives in a beautiful assisted living place called La Posada in Palm Beach Gardens. She is surrounded by lots of people around her age group who also like to have fun, and have fun they do.

For the third year in a row they put on a great show directed by a lady named Ethel Bennett.She was an actress, model, vocal coach, and starred in shows on Broadway. She is now retired and living in La Posada. The cast is made up of the residents of La Posada. We were lucky enough to see the show last year and again this year, on Sunday we went to see their version of a show they did called Broadway- Our Way.

It was wonderful, they did a song called Whoopie and with their rendition it was hilarious. They did songs from the King and I, Phantom of the Opera, Oklahoma, etc. The costumes were beautiful. Sunday night was the third night in a row they put on this very strenuous show and they were still going strong at the end.

So remember it is a great idea to spend time with kids under 7 and kids over 70, both age groups make you feel wonderful.

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  1. very cute~ What a nice evening with the oldies, I bet you two felt young!