Friday, May 29, 2009

My thoughts on the secret of a happy marriage

I don't know if our IQ's change or we get any smarter as we get older but I do believe we get wiser. So since I am old, LOL I am going to tell you what I think is the secret to a happy marriage. Sure all the tried and true things you have heard all your life are important, respect, being truthful, remembering all the important dates, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. But after being married to Bubba for 39 years and coming up on 8 with Joan I have come to the conclusion that the most important thing is for both parties to be crazy. It is a given that I am crazy but so was Bubba and so is Joan.

A crazy person and a sane person is a bad mix but if both are crazy it makes it so much easier. Case in point the other night Joan and I were watching TV and this guy came on with ear rings, nose rings, lip rings etc. and tatoos, she knows that is not my thing, ( no offense to guys that like that sort of thing, it's just not my thing ). She said Joe you need to get some ear rings. I said most of the people that know me know that is not my thing so I said if I die before you load me up with body piercing and tatoos for my viewing.

This is were the crazy lady spoke up, she said there will be no viewing, I will have your ass creamated. LOL Then she got serious and said she does not want to be viewed when she passes away. She said I hope the people that care about me I will see and hear from while I am still alive so they don't have to see me when I am dead. We both had a good laugh and then my mind started working.

When I was a kid in West Virginia we listened to a lot of radio as we didn't have TV. There was a blue grass group called The Carter Family we listened to a lot and my Mom loved the song they did called Give Me The Roses While I Live, every time she heard that song she would say that is so true.

These are the words to that song:

Wonderful things of folks are said When they have passed away,
Roses adorn the narrow bed Over the sleeping clay,
Give me the roses while I live Trying to cheer me on,
Useless are flowers that you give After the soul is gone,
Let us not wait to do good deeds Till they have passed away,
Now is the time to sow good seeds While here on earth we stay,
Kind words are useless when folks lie Cold in a narrow bed,
Don't wait till death to speak kind words, Now should the words be said.

Give Me Roses While I Live - The Carter Family

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