Thursday, February 10, 2011

The difference between life in a perfect world and life in the real world.

I get a lot of ideas for my BLOG from songs. I almost never use the song the way it was written, I use the words, add some words delete some words etc. but it the basic song that gives me my idea what to wrote about. Case in point the other day when I heard the song Here In The Real World played on the radio it make me think about the difference in a perfect world and the real world.

Cowboys don't cry

And heroes don't die

And good always wins

Again and again.

And love is a sweet dream

That always comes true

Oh, if life were like the movies

I'd never be blue.

But here in the real world

Its not that easy at all

Cause when hearts get broken

Its real tears that fall.

And darling its sad but its true

But the one thing I've learned

Is how the boy doesn't always get the girl

Here in the real world.

Just a few thoughts about the difference between the perfect world and the real world.

In a perfect world families would always live close, in the real world families can be scattered all around the country or even around the world.Some grand parents only get to see their grand children once or twice a year. I have had grand parents tell me that some times when they visit them they don't even remember them at first and it breaks their hearts.

In a perfect world people would get a job, work hard, save some money, retire with a nice pension and live happily ever after. In the real world people lose their jobs, in this economy have a hard time finding another job. Sadly we all know people who are really struggling and it is very sad.

Cowboys don't cry and family and friends don't die, that would be in a perfect world, well we all know that isn't true. Family and friends do die.

But here in the real world

Its not that easy at all

Cause when hearts get broken

Its real tears that fall.

Enjoy Today

Pursue Tomorrow

Cherish Yesterday




These are all cliches, but they are so true.

We all know that life is a series of ups and downs, we can only hope that when the roll is called up yonder our ups will have far out numbered our downs.

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