Saturday, February 12, 2011

Papa with his little buddies

Nana loves her time spent with the grandkids

What a cute outfit.

                                                      Don't know what Nana was up to here
How cute is this?

Griffin in the foam pit

                                               Winding up ready to throw the ball
Big brother and little brother having a great time

On the trampoline

Carter loves to play and have fun

Another shot in the foam pit

Ride em cowboy

Just having a ball

                                            Griffin just loved being in the foam pit
Nana and her boys on the  carousel

Can't tell who is having the most fun, Nana, Carter, or Griffin

I think Nana loves to feed Grifffin messy food. LOL

Messy but boy is it good

Carter just lost his first tooth

Carter called me the other night and he was so excited.
He said Papa I have some exciting news for you. I said you do,
what is your big news. He said I lost my tooth, I said that's
great now you will get a visit from the Tooth Fairy. He
sighed and said but I swallowed it. I said that's to bad, he
said don't worry Papa I am going to leave her a note. LOL

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