Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nana and Papa's fun, fun, weekend with Carter & Griffin.The boys had a great time but so did Nana and Papa.

On Friday Barb, Carter and Griffin's Mommy had to go out of town on a business trip so she asked us if we could watch them for the weekend. We of course said for sure, we love the time we spend with them. I was working my part time job and was at one of my stops, the tag and title office when Barb dropped Griffin off to me. I knew I was going to be there for quite awhile and thought maybe he would get restless. But he was so good, all the employee's were making over him and he was eating it up. They gave him a coloring book and he enjoyed scribbling on it. Then it was back to the office at Earl Stewart Toyota where I have a part time job doing courier work. Carter has gone to work with me once in awhile since he was about 2 years old so the girls in the office have watched him grow up but this was the first time Griffin has been at work with me. Again he was getting so much attention and just eating it up LOL.

Nana picked Carter up at his school where he goes to kindergarten and brought him home and him and Carter played until bed time and spent the night.

Saturday Carter's soccer game was canceled because of rainy weather, so after breakfast and lunch at home we took them to a indoor play ground called A Latte Fun. And that's just what we had ,a lot of fun. It is for kids from 6 months old to six years old. They have a slide, a trampoline, all kinds of games and puzzles, outfits they can dress up in, a foam pit the kids can jump into, etc. Carter has been there a few times but it was Griffin's first time, he won't be two until March 27, he marched right in there with no fear went right straight to the trampoline and from there he and Carter both went nonstop. Before we went into Latte Fun they rode the carousel with Nana, all in all a great day for them and us. They had supper, had their baths and were happy to go to bed early as they were very tired. Don't think Nana and Papa will be staying up late tonight either. LOL

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