Sunday, May 17, 2009

From March 27, 2009 until now

Griffin was born March 27, 2009. He has been through a lot for a little guy.He has been checked, rechecked, tested and retested. The latest was on Friday May 15, his blood count was low so they gave him a blood transfusion, it took about 3 hours to give him about a third of a unit of blood. The doctors think he is doing fine actually, he continues to put on weight and is now over 7 pounds.

His Daddy has been sick with flu like symptoms, since they didn't want to expose him to that his Mommy and Carter and him have spent the weekend with us. Joan has been a very busy Nana and loving every minute of it. He is doing so good they even left him with me to baby sit for a couple of hours while they went swimming, first time any one other then his two grandmothers has watched him. Lucky for me he was very good and I didn't have to change any diapers. LOL

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