Sunday, May 17, 2009

Loss Of A Good Friend

It has been about two weeks now since the loss of another good friend.. Since then my mind has been working over time contemplating about it. At my age losing good friends sadly has been happening more often .As my dear friend Butch said to me, Joe sadly I am going to more funerals than weddings.

Frank Strawderman and I met in 1957 so the time that we knew each other was 52 years. Frank was married to Jenny who was the sister to Louise who for the rest of this story will be referred to as " Bubba" the name that most people affectionately knew her as.

Frank and Jenny stood up for us when Bubba and I were married in 1959. So we became brother-in-laws because we married sisters but we became and remained friends because we totally enjoyed and loved each other. When I think about my past and the great times I have experienced a few friends like, Butch, Jimmy, George, Mike,Mel, Ron, Keith and of course Frank come to mind as those that have been part of some of my greatest and fun memories.

It took me eight pages to list my memories of Frank to his widow Linda .As I told her in a follow up note I actually thought of a lot more after I had mailed it to her. LOL

Frank's health was not to good the last few years of his life but he never let it stop him from having a good time and enjoying himself. The song "My Way" could have been written for Frank as that's just what he did, lived his life his way and best of all he did it to the very end. In my last conversation with him he said Joe, I still drink, I still smoke, and I still chase women, the only bad part he said was when he caught the women he didn't know what to do with them. LOL

In my conversations with Frank I know he was not afraid of dying. We often said to each other the people most afraid to die are the ones who have never lived, not the case with Frank because he sure lived. Rest In Peace my friend.

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  1. Uncle Joe, you could not have said it better. He was a wonderful man. I am married to one just like him!